11 September, 2007

A long weekend!!

Yay! 4 days off. I'm looking forward to doing very little the next few days. Think of me sleeping in, if you're getting up to work over the next few days. [grin]

We took Chickie to see Ratatouille today. It was pretty good and I loved the Pixar short film at the beginning. All three of us laughed a lot at that.

I still don't have a new mobile phone yet. Work still hasn't posted the new phone deals for the month - and we're nearly halfway through the month! I've decided I should get something with navigation/maps etc, a decent camera (2 or 3 megapixel will do) and something that's not too big. Some of the ones I've looked at are quite big in size and probably have more features than I really need (well want actually, all I really need is something for calls and text). Of course, if I decide not to bother waiting and just go buy something - odds are that it will be the next to go on special.


Stomper Girl said...

Well if you have a child who lets you have a decent sleep-in then I am very impressed. And we are hoping to catch Ratatouille in the school holidays.

I need to talk Doctor Who with you. Can you email me? stompergirl at pacific dot net dot au. I need to ask you about what you and Velcro were talking about with the statues episode and also just go Ohmigod John Simms is the Master how fantastic etc. I love John Simms.

kirsty said...

Ali and I went to Ratatouille a couple of nights ago. LOVED it! It was funny the whole way through. And, of course, Ali has a pet rat so we smiled knowingly at each other every two minutes!
Can't you just imagine how rat sales are going to soar?

Melinda said...

We haven't seen Ratatouille yet, but I ALWAYS love the Pixar shorts! We still laugh at the one with the birds on the phone wire... can't remember which feature film it went with! Grumble.... you're sleeping in while I'm considering a caffeine I.V. to start my day?

KindaBlue said...

It's amazing what phones can do these days. I've just inherited my Dad's old handset, and I'm still trying to get the hang of its predictive text entry.

Whatever happened to the basic phone for those of us who already own a separate camera and mp3 player, and just want a device to use to keep in touch with people?

tracey petersen said...

Glad to hear the movie recommendation. I saw the ad and wondered what it would be like. My kids are not overly keen to see it, but they might go with their younger cousins.

enjoy your morning doze!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I use my phone to keep the car form rolling away on steep hills - I jam it under the front tire. With Alltel/AT&T thats about as useful as the thing is most days.

caramaena said...

stomper - I don't actually have one of those kids. What I do have is a partner who will be going to work anyway so he'll be running interference.

Will email you :) John Simms is very good.

kirsty - I'd imagine rat sales will go up. Not in this house though (we have two cats).

melinda - you'll love this short - it's called Lifted and it's hilarious.

kindablue - I hate predictive text! It's the first thing I turn off. As for the basic phones, there doesn't seem to be many of those available here. They've all got so many features. Mind you, I don't carry my camera around with me, and believe it or not, I don't have an mp3 player or even an ipod myself.

tracey - kids and younger cousins come in handy when you want to watch that movie that's just a bit too 'young' for you ;)

phos - lol! I still have my original phone from 1997 - it would work well for stopping cars rolling. It was huge compared to phones these days.