30 September, 2007

But muuuuuuuum...

The complaint from Chickie:

"Why do you make me do everything?"

The heinous crime:

I told him to get up and get his own drink bottle, when he was thirsty.

The kicker?

He was about a metre away from the drink bottle (it was a chair over from him in the lounge room), whereas I was 2 rooms away.

I'm such a mean mother...


meggie said...

"Nanna,.... I don't like you."
"Well never mind SG I still LOVE you!"
In response to a refusal to jump to his evert whim.
His sunny face soon returns, so I guess he figures it is a fair trade-off.

The Phosgene Kid said...

A meter? Sounds like a long ways away to me. What's that in feet??

Stomper Girl said...

They're like mini-royalty, aren't they, kids?

Melinda said...

My son made the MISTAKE of saying: "Why do I always have to do everything around here?" when asked to put his clothes away.

Ten minutes of listing everything Mom does for him cured that sour mood in a hurry. He was obviously grateful he didn't have to do those things, TOO! That's my spin on it anyway. He may have just been tired of the lecture.

KindaBlue said...

Ah, child logic. That's the sort that makes them put their hands up and say "sir, I'm stuck, can you help me please," approximately three seconds after you set them going on their tasks.

velcro said...

oh you terrible mum! :)

the FB does this too!