27 September, 2007

ups and downs

You know, there's no way I'd be able to be bulimic. You'd be able to tell straight off with me.

I currently have splotches all around my mouth and eyes because I've been ill last night and today. I suppose it's broken blood vessels in my face, and it doesn't look very attractive. Not that I particularly care how I look right now. Heck I'm still in my pj's (and have been all day). Right now, all I care about is whether my stomach could keep down a little bit of chicken soup. I did manage to have some vegemite toast at lunch time so perhaps it will be ok.

Of course the annoying thing is that we may have to cancel a bbq with our friends. You see, we'd organised to have friends come over a couple of weeks ago. They had to cancel since their baby had conjunctivitis (which they didn't want to share - phew!), so we organised for them to come over last Friday. Again they had to cancel as one of them had a nasty case of tonsilitis. So, it was arranged for them to come over tomorrow. Now I'm hoping I'll be over this stomach bug, but given how queasy I still feel... I have my doubts. Oh well, we'll wait and see.


Chickie had a great time at his sports day yesterday. He even got a ribbon for third in the 5 year old boys race. He's so proud of it.

They had all sorts of cute stuff like the dressup race (yep, putting on clothes, bag, necklaces etc), the egg and spoon race, the water race and the sack race. I had to work, but J took the day off and Chickie's grandmother and grandfather dropped in for a bit too. So there were lots of photos for me to see.


Holly & Scolly said...

Yuk. It's horrible being ill. Hope you're feeling well again soon.

Melinda said...

Ugh... Glad I leave an entire continent away when bugs are going round.

Yay Chickie! Sports days are so much chaotic fun. Sack races and such are timeless aren't they?

Zazzy said...

I hope you feel better soon. I hate getting sick just as I am about to go do something fun!

meggie said...

Do hope you are feeling better soon!
Congrats to Chickie on his ribbon!!

Steve said...

Ah the egg and spoon race. I was school champion at Little Munden Junior Mixed Infants school when I was about 6 or 7, before we emmigrated. I represented the school against others in the district and came last.

Hope you get well soon.

Stomper Girl said...

Get well soon. I could never do the anorexia/bulimia thing either. If there's one thing I hate it's throwing up.

R2K said...

What do you want to be In 20 Years?

caramaena said...

Thanks guys - feeling much better!