19 September, 2007

back to everyday life

My 4 days off was nice - but it's back to the everyday again now. Work's as busy as usual and I'm looking forward to my usual weekend off this week - though that's going to be busy too!

Friday we have some friends coming around for a bbq. On Saturday night J's work is putting on a 10 pin bowling evening (their social club tries quite hard to organise fun stuff for the staff and their families). Good thing I've already seen the season finale of Doctor Who, otherwise I'd be going nowhere! Then Sunday after work, we're going around to a friend's place to celebrate his birthday.

Chickie's going well at school. He's been the 'Star of the Day' again and received more little certificates (latest was for 'getting along with others'). He's so proud of them, but also a bit jealous of one boy, who apparently has 'one hundred fifty million nine'* certificates.

His class went on an excursion to the zoo yesterday. Chickie was so excited - and so exhausted at the end of the day. He's been telling me all about endangered animals and also about how his best friend didn't get to see a turkey. I'm guessing his friend must have been really disappointed since Chickie's mentioned it several times since the excursion!

I was waiting at the school for the bus (it was running a little late) and overheard one of the other teachers talking about Chickie's teacher (L) and how she thought that L was crazy for taking the kids on an excursion. She was saying there was no way she'd put herself through it and that L would learn once she'd been in the job a few years. I don't know... taking a bunch of 5 year olds to the zoo wouldn't be something I'd want to do either, but I'm kind of glad L is relatively new to the job and had the enthusiasm to organise it. Chickie had a great time.

*direct quote from Chickie.


tracey petersen said...

I love an excursion of little ones. They are all so eager and everything is exciting.
That is a LOT of certificates. That teacher must have a writer's cramp!

Stomper Girl said...

Hey, Chickie started late in the year. I bet pretty soon he'll have one hundred fifty million TEN certificates

Melinda said...

We went on tons of field trips in primary school: fire station, planetarium, museum, movie theater, library, state parks.... so much fun! Our teachers had a rule that if you were misbehaving at school you couldn't go on the field trip.... guess they were hoping the chronic trouble-makers couldn't go and thus the trip would be easier? I wouldn't want to organize it either.... I'd be scared I'd lose one.

MyUtopia said...

I would have loved four days off! Work has been insane this week.

My float said...

I wouldn't want to take a bunch of kids to the zoo either - even they were related to me! But it's great to see that the teacher still has her enthusiasm. Good on her!

Oh great One said...

It sounds like the comments of a haggered teacher to me. We went to the zoo when we were that young. My teacher roped in parents to help. I helped when my daughter went. I'm glad Chickies teacher didn't take some lazy teachers advice.

KindaBlue said...

It's a sad fact - in Britain, at least - that more and more teachers and schools are becoming more cautious about organising school trips. I think the fear is that (head)teachers will be held responsible for events that are outside their control - thus, the risks seem to be greater than the rewards.

Perhaps schools and teachers who do organise and conduct trips sensibly need more reassurance and guarantees over their legal position - but then again, perhaps it's sad that they seem to need it.

The Phosgene Kid said...

The zoo is a hoot. We used to throw stuff at the Rhino to see if we could piss it off.

What time you want me over for the BBQ???

The Phosgene Kid said...

Taking the kids to the zoo - I'd be more worried about the poor animals!!