25 September, 2007

call centres

Have you ever worked in a call centre? I'm sure most people have called one, but have you ever wondered what it's like on the other side? Have a read of this. Now our company is pretty good. We're paid well and while there are times where it's exhausting and stressful, I don't believe we've ever had things go to this extreme.

That said, though the story might be exaggerated (aren't most stories in the media exaggerated?), I can totally see it being true - because the same basics seem to apply all over. I've also heard similar stories from people who have worked in call centres for other companies.

It can be a tough job sometimes, especially when it gets busy. We're flat out at the moment and our team is getting offered as much overtime as we want. It's leading to burn out though. There are quite a few in our team feeling like they can't take much more. I must admit I broke down today, though I think it was a combination of the workload and stress - as well as the shock of my friend G having only weeks to live. It's so embarrassing crying in your cubicle.

On a more upbeat note, Chickie has a sports day at school tomorrow and he's so excited about it. He's in the yellow team, so please send all yellow vibes this way tomorrow!

Also, it's the last week of the school term, this week, and his class is having a little party on the last day. We have to bring a plate of something to share. Half the class has been asked to bring something savoury and the other half sweet. We have to bring savoury, but I'm suffering brain fade and can't think of a thing. Any suggestions?


she said: said...

Cupcakes are always a hit.

Re: the call center. I think most people know when they enter them, they will suffer burn out. When I worked them, you knew you'd be there a few years at best.

I'm guessing the kid is not exaggerating. I have mixed feeling about what he says.

On one hand, 12 seconds is too short, but on the other, people do stay logged off their phones a lot. Putting aside my whole issue as a customer, I always found it unfair that other reps would have to pick up the slack for those who just didn't want to take calls.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Life is so unfair sometimes.

meggie said...

Cocktail sausages on toothpicks with tomato sauce?
Thin Pizza base with melted cheese & bacon.
Little rolls with cheese, bacon, baked in the oven, -so easy to handle, & kids seem to like them, even cold.
Good Luck.
I feel sorry for call centre folk, & endeavour to be polite.
Beggars on the other hand....grrrr

caramaena said...

she said - yes it is unfair when the slackers don't do their jobs. That brings up another personal gripe of mine - the fact that a lot of managers can't seem to manage that and instead this sort of ruling is brought out. I probably shouldn't go there though, I could vent for hours about that ;)

meggie - good suggestions. I'm guessing whatever I need to send will need to be cold since I've no idea when they'll be having their little party and what sort of food storage they'll have.

I don't like the telemarketing type calls either. I always try to be polite with them but I won't hang around if they don't get the hint. In those cases, I ask to speak with their manager and ask to be put on their do not contact list.

tracey petersen said...

My son loved to take sandwich sushi as his plate. Cut the crust off the bread, put vegemite on, then roll it into a scroll. Cut it into two or three cm slices. Easy and oh so classy!

The Phosgene Kid said...

ceviche of emu, that would be savory

Holly & Scolly said...

How about mini quiches? And as suggested by a few others, little sandwiches always go down well. Sorry to hear about your friend, life it short, enjoy it while you can.

Sussanah said...

Me I outsource. As my boy says, 'my mum she buys good cake."

Dogbait said...

How about a slab and a few snags for the bbq?

Melinda said...

I was thinking little sandwiches too.

Thinking of you in a tough time!

I think large corporations get desensitized to the people factor of their businesses on both the employee and customer sides. Happy employees creates better business. (I guess common sense eludes them too).

The Phosgene Kid said...

Kangaroo jerky??