05 September, 2007

A better day today

because it's J's birthday! It's not been a real exciting day for him though. He took today off work but still had to go to TAFE this afternoon (he's studying computer programming). At least he had a relaxing morning. Hopefully we can do something special this weekend.

Chickie's not feeling so great though. Looks like he's got a cold, poor thing. I thought it might be allergies at first, since I've also had a bit of light hayfever lately, but no, I think it's a cold. He looked quite wrung out today.

As for me... I've organised to have a 4 day weekend next week. I'm feeling the stress a bit at work so decided I needed a bit of down time. I can't wait!


tracey petersen said...

happy birthday to J.

Hope Chickie is better soon.

Melinda said...

Humming happy birthday song. Poor Chickie.

A four day weekend!! I'm excited and it's not even MY four day weekend. It's like the lottery... I'm planning what I would do with the currency of extra time.... even though I didn't win.

Stomper Girl said...

Happy birthday to J and I hope you all recover soon. Taking a 4-day weekend is a great idea, recharge those batteries.

Oh great One said...

Happy Birthday to J!

Four day weekend? Bliss.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Rest is the best cure for a cold. Hope you all are felling better! Tough to eat birthday cake if you can't breathe!!

meggie said...

Happy Birthday J!!
Hope Chickie's cold is a false alarm!

ingridviola said...

Nice blog!

Gnat of Glass said...

amen. 4 day on holiday.

How to keep your life straight and not start to hate.


Jay Cam said...

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The Phosgene Kid said...

My worst day off is better than my best day of work!!

R2K said...

Happy B day J

caramaena said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for J :)

Chickie's all over his cold now too.

jay cam - will check out your page.