24 September, 2007


I went to visit a friend (G) in hospital tonight. She fought breast cancer a few years back and thought she'd won. Then earlier this year they discovered she had a tumour in her brain that was inoperable. She had chemo again and was on the verge of coming back to work (just an hour a week to ease her into things), when things went downhill suddenly last Friday.

So now she's in palliative care and they're saying it's a matter of weeks. She won't be going home again.

G is one of the receptionists at work and she is one of the most lovely and loving people you could ever meet. Our building has hundreds of people working there and it's going to be hard when she does pass away. She's so loved in our company that the head of the division flew over to visit her.

I'm just torn up about this. I'm trying not to cry in front of Chickie but seeing G tonight was a shock.


tracey petersen said...

So sorry for your friend and for the sadness that you are feeling. The love of a little one like Chickie is so comforting at these times.

Melinda said...

I so agree with Tracey. Kids are a source of strength when you are overwhelmed with sadness. And cancer is such a horrible, horrible disease. I hope they can make her comfortable and at peace. Hugs for you!

h&b said...

:( :( :(

Stomper Girl said...

Sending cyber-hugs.

meggie said...

So sad about your friend. It can be very hard to see someone change before your eyes, from illness.
Hug your little Chickie close. Children seem to have a healing effect.

caramaena said...

thanks for your kind wishes guys, they're much appreciated.