03 July, 2006

The big brother furore

It's all over the place... newspapers, radio, tv, the net. In case you hadn't heard though, two housemates from the Australian Big Brother show were removed from the house on the weekend after an 'incident'.

I don't watch the show much. A bit here and there, I check the eviction show to see who gets evicted but not much else. I didn't find out anything about what actually happened until this afternoon. I also heard, for the first time, the term 'turkey slap' today.

If the pics here, here and here are anything to go by, the guys may have thought it was just a bit of mucking around or a practical joke (as they said in their short tv spot tonight), but it didn't look too fun, for Camilla, to me. We probably won't really know what she thinks until she's evicted though.

It's all a bit of a mess really.

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