13 September, 2006


If you've read past posts, you might know that I'm currently doing an extra line faults role at work. You might also be aware that I don't particularly enjoy that role.

Well, hooray hooray... I won't be doing that role for much longer. My team will be going back to it's old role (well, we're still doing that along with the extra role), plus we'll be taking on another role. This new one will be more internet oriented (where my interests lie). It will be a challenging time though, so I will probably be complaining about it later!

Oh and I'm outraged...

Not only have the IAU demoted Pluto, but now they've renamed it. Unbelievable! Read about it here.

It will always be Pluto (the planet) to me.


Izzy said...

I look forward to you upcoming posts on these new tasks all of you are responsible for.

As for Pluto... i'm dissapointed with that too.

Kerri. said...

You have to be kidding me... who renames Pluto?

It will always be Pluto to me.

I smell a t-shirt a-comin'.

Steve said...

Line faults eh?

Sounds like you and I are working for the same employer.

R2K said...

Pluto should keep the name, but it should be called a Kuiper belt object. Period. It is very simple. Back in the day people figured the planets were stars for a while (or didnt know what they were). But when you find out what something really is, you dont keep the old classification just to honor some now dead astronomer.

caramaena said...

Ah, I don't know alex. It just seems harsh to kick Pluto out of the planet club ;)

t-shirt sounds like a good idea kerri :)

From what I hear izzy - I may be complaining a lot and possibly wishing I was bored to tears again. hehe

steve, I've been trying to not be too obvious about where I work. Do you think I'm giving too much away?

Steve said...


Only to those of us in the know.

It's kind of like a secret handshake.