04 September, 2006

In case you weren't aware...

4 year olds can not keep secrets.

Heh, I should have known better. You see it was father's day in Australia yesterday and J's birthday is tomorrow. So, on Saturday, Chickie and I went shopping for presents. We bought some DVDs that J's been wanting for a while (Stargate, Futurama and American Dad).

Now I know from last year that Chickie has trouble with keeping secrets so I suggested we play a big trick on his dad (Chickie loves 'tricking' people at the moment) and tell him we got him tools. Chickie thought this was a great idea and on the way home we practiced what we'd say.

So what happened when we got home? "Guess what dad? We got you Stargate". D'oh!! Oh well... at least he didn't mention the others. So I wrapped up Stargate for father's day and wrapped the others separately to put away for his birthday.

J has a sleep-in yesterday and then when he gets up, Chickie tells him - "Dad, we got you tools!" (too late kid, hehe). J opens the Stargate and then Chickie asks me where the Futurama and American Dad was... double D'oh!!

Ah well... maybe next year.


Robin said...

Yeah, I've found that too. I would end up buying stuff without saying anything about what it's for, just so nobody would blow the whistle.

caramaena said...

That's what I should have done.

How old were yours before they were able to keep a secret?