03 September, 2006

Something I've never done before...

Chickie and I were heading out to get J a father's day present (happy father's day for all those celebrating it) and we found the 'other member' of our family sunning itself in the driveway. S/he's a shingleback lizard that we discovered a few months back. It hung around for about two months, then we didn't see it for ages. I thought it had gotten too spooked, since Chickie had to check on it every time he went outside.

So, it was right behind my car - just when I'm wanting to drive over that very spot. I'm standing there wondering how to move it. There was no way I was going to try touching or moving it by hand, and I have to tell you, lizards do not respond to hand-flapping and loud 'shoo'-ing. Next thought was to get a broom but I was a bit reluctant in case I hurt it.

Luckily, when I blogged about it months ago, I did a bit of searching and discovered that it was a Shingleback and that they are very partial to yellow flowers. Next door has a huge bush with yellow flowers (probably the reason it's hanging around this area) so I grabbed a flower and lured the lizard over to the grass. Problem solved! Though I'll bet the guy mowing his lawn, across the road, must have thought I was a bit odd.

So there you go - caramaena, the lizard lurer!


R2K said...

That is a great story: )

Did it eat the flower?

I love when turtles eat things like that, they seem so happy in their own dry, shelly way.

Robin said...

So how large or small is it anyway? Can't tell from the picture.

caramaena said...

Alex, yes it ate the flower completely. Was cute watching it pull the petals off as I was holding the flower, to lure it out of the way.

Robin, (if my converter widget is correct) it's about 30-35 centimetres or 11-13 inches long. It's not a little lizard but about a similar size for the bluetongue lizards we often see around. I've seen lots of bluetongues but this is the first shingleback lizard I've ever seen.

Michele said...

Not only are you bright and resourceful, but oh-so-brave. If I had seen a lizard I would have gone made such a commotion that the neigbour would of thought I was a crazy woman. Oh, who am I kidding, if he was my neighbour he would already know I was a crazy woman.

You are a wonderful lizard lurer!

On a sidenote: I have noticed that you went to vist many of favourite posts that were submitted on this past Meet n' Greet. How very kind of you. I am certain that every single blog you stopped by at appreciated your visit. I am also very certain that I truly appreciate how much comment cheer your offered. Thank-you!!

caramaena said...

Thanks Michele! I appreciate you dropping by my blog too :)