15 September, 2006

MY car

The bank no longer has a partial share in my car! Yup, today I went in and paid out the loan (two and a half years early!), so it's alllll mine now.

It's a good feeling.


fairscape said...


hooray and good for you

it's great to get a big bill like that paid off

hope all is well

caramaena said...

Hi there fairscape. Good to see you again.

All is well with us - hope all is well with you too :)

R2K said...

Watch it break tomorrow. No offence, and hope not. But thats how life works sometimes.

caramaena said...

Heh, you've pretty much echoed my thoughts after I paid out the loan.

When J drove it yesterday, I asked him to make sure he didn't crash it!