09 September, 2006

confession time

I have a confession to make...

I have absolutely zero interest in playing with lego. There, I said it!

Chickie has a huge box of lego bits and pieces (it used to belong to J and his brother when they were kids) and he just loves playing with it. And he always wants someone to play with him. It's understandable, I guess, since he's 4 and doesn't quite have the skills to make the cool stuff he sees in the shops etc. Problem is, I have no interest in building/making stuff myself. J does but sometimes he's busy or Chickie just wants me to play with him.

J and Chickie will cruise the aisles of the toy shops and check out all the different kits - the Star Wars ones, the pirate ships, the cars/trucks etc. Me? Well, my response, is a nod and a less than enthusiastic 'cool'.

I'd much rather play with his Thomas the Tank Engine sets. He's got two different types - the Take Along sets (he has the sawmill and the island quarry set) and the plastic sets with the battery operated trains (he got the giant set for his birthday).


izzy said...

I was never a lego girl... but I'm so fascinated with the complex lego building that my cousins used to do when we were young... This was before lego even made specialized sets.

I don't have the talent for that kinds of stuff. Even with preset instructions and such. I much rather do basic lego constructions... like a wall.

Shows my trades skills... makes my dad proud.

Raspberry Fool said...

My little girl has been through lego, thomas and barbie. She hasn't outgrown barbie and I've never, ever been able to even pretend to be enthused. Give me a train set any day.

BTW thank you for the comment. Fingers crossed on the old guy; he's already being referred to as my BF - nice guy and all but I'm not that desperate and he is old enough to be my father. Oh dear.