04 September, 2006

RIP Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin - the crocodile hunter has died in a diving accident. I'm stunned. See the story here.

Chickie loves 'Crikey' as he calls him. I was never a big fan but you can't deny his love for Australian animals. His website is here (but timing out right now).

RIP Steve.


Middle Manager said...

That's unfortunate to hear. While I'm not exactly a devoted fan, his show was something we'd sometimes have on in the background and get a few laughs commenting on.

Steve said...

You beat me to it Caramaena.

I'm sure there'll be many more tributes to him in the next few days.

While I always thought he was a bit over the top, he was an original and there's not much of that around these days.

caramaena said...

You're right about the tributes steve. One of the free to air channels is already advertising a tribute show.

middle manager - he was good for a laugh. Chickie has the Wiggly Safari dvd and they have outtakes of Steve (and the Wiggles) at the end. He certainly seemed to be able to laugh at himself too.

fairscape said...

hey Caramaena

Thanks for stopping by.

Looks like you have a lot of new friends. I'll have to come by when I have more time and check out some of your links.

When you mentioned that willy wagtail bird I had to look it up and wound up spending a day or two reading up on all kinds of Austrailian animals.

We do NOT have lizards here. Or poisonous snakes. From what I read Brisbane is just loaded with them. Yikes!

We measure blood sugar differently than you do. Normal is 90-100. Do you know the conversion of your scale to ours. Be sure you do if you decide to travel to the USA.

Chickie is so cute. My kids always told me everything. Their Dad couldn't get away with anything.

Too bad about Steve. It didn't surprise me much though. He exposed himself to danger on a regular basis.His poor kids.

caramaena said...

Hey fairscape, good to see you again.

Yes, Australia has quite a lot of venomous animals. Our shingleback lizard (as far as my searches tell me) isn't poisonous though.

I think the conversion to the U.S. way of measuring blood sugar is to multiply ours by 18. So the measurement in the mornings I'm aiming for is 100. Still not getting it though. I'm usually around 115 or so. A couple of mornings last week I was getting in the 138 range. Not good :(

A lot of people feel badly for Steve's family. At least his daughter Bindi will have memories of him, little Bob is only 2-3, I think. On steve's blog (see above), he was commenting that Steve Irwin seemed indestructible and I agree. You see him doing so many dangerous things that you start to think nothing will ever happen.