21 September, 2006

My brain is mush

I've been doing a training course all this week and tomorrow we all do a presentation on the topic. I'm working with another person, so we'll have to speak for about 20 mins all up.

I'm not worried about the actual talking in front of people (I've done so many presentations to people in my centre lately that it feels second nature to me now), but I'm hoping we're on the right track with the subject info. I kinda feel like I'm missing the point somehow.

Oh well, hopefully all will go well and then it's back to work on Monday. I kinda like doing the training though. Even though there are some occasions where it's hard to give my full attention (lots of info = mushy brain thing).

Another thing, I'm quite excited right now - my counter will shortly hit the 1000 mark! My thanks to everyone who visits :)


Steve said...


You get training?

You obviously don't work for the same mob as me then. My last proper training course was 14 years ago and it was on something I've never used since.

R2K said...

20 min is ok : )

caramaena said...

steve the training is not exactly for my job role, it's actually for something extra - but work does pay for it and the role is for the company. Vague enough for you? hehe

alex - surprisingly very few of us had problems reaching the alloted 10 mins each.