22 September, 2006


Chickie has been coughing for a couple of weeks. Nothing too major, we thought, though we did notice he was coughing a lot at night. This morning he had a bit of a coughing fit though. He was coughing so hard, he almost threw up.

J had to go to the doctors today anyway (he's had an x-ray and blood tests done as he has a painful foot and the doc didn't know what it was), so he decided to take Chickie to the doc's too. Luckily it's a walk-in type place, so no appointment necessary.

So anyway, I get home to find out Chickie has pneumonia! Good grief - other than a cough, he seems fine. He's happy, very very active and no temperature. Only other symptom is a slight runny nose. How the heck did he manage to get pneumonia??

He's had a chest x-ray done and apparently the doc rang after it was done to let J know what it was. He said if Chickie starts getting 'flat' or runs a temperature, we need to take him to hospital. We also have to take him back to the doc's tomorrow. J says I should get checked out too, as not long after Chickie started coughing, I did too. I do have a nasty cough, but I feel fine otherwise. Is pneumonia contagious - anyone know?

As for J - well the doctor still doesn't know what's wrong with his foot. All the usual tests came back normal. He's on anti-inflammatories and the doc wants to see him once the box is finished. He's had this problem before - mystery pains in his feet and the doctor could find no cause. It's odd...

On my side of life - the week's training is over. The presentations have been done (and we did ok). Some of the teams put in an amazing amount of effort - one team even put together a bound booklet of their presentation! Mind you, some of the most interesting didn't rely on much more than a printed sheet with points on it.

Back to work on Monday... but I have to say, I have not missed those phones one iota!


izzy said...

pneumonia... geesh... hope that chickie is feeling better soon... you as well.

Glad to hear your training is done... weight off of your shoulders huh?

By the way.. I love your bracelets...you should sell them.

R2K said...

You know at the same time I read this (a very sad serious story) I happen to be watching seinfeld, the episode where cramer gets sick and doesnt want a doctor so he takes dog medicine.

caramaena said...

Thanks izzy - see latest post - he's just fine. Thankfully a mild case only.

About the bracelets - thanks. Never actually thought about selling them. So far I've only made them for myself or family.

alex - funny that you mention that episode of seinfeld, there was an episode of the simpsons on tonight where homer ate the dog's medicine.