01 September, 2006

A school for Chickie and a whinge about my diabetes

Today J and I visited a school that we're thinking of sending Chickie to, next year. I'm pretty happy with it.

The classrooms looked nice. They have a program that places an emphasis on encouraging kids to believe in themselves (which will be good for Chickie). It used to be a lot bigger (now unfortunately shrinking in numbers), but they do have a lot of resources, because of that. All the computers are being upgraded at the end of this year and I hear a lot of good things about the school from different people. Also, very handily they have an onsite before and after-school care program (since J and I both work full time).

Chickie will look so cute in his grey shorts and red shirt!

In the afternoon, I visited a friend who's pregnant and on bedrest. She's been on bedrest for 4 weeks now and she's really 'over it'. On top of that, now she's been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She's been measuring her blood sugar levels for a few days now and she showed me her numbers. To be honest, I'm as jealous as hell. She hasn't had anything over 5.9 (that one was two hours after a meal). I really wish I had those sorts of numbers. I got a 6.4 two hours after dinner today and was thinking it was pretty good (I'm supposed to aim for between 6-8 two hours after meals).

I'm still getting fairly high levels first thing in the morning. Was 7.7 this morning - recommended is 5.5 or lower, but that's pretty rare for me. My usual morning level is about 6.5. My doctor's not so concerned with the 6's for now, she wants to monitor it for a bit, but she's sent me off to a dietician to see if that helps bring it down. Plus she says the medication tends to bring down the levels overall, which might be harder since there are times where I get down to 4's (and feel pretty weird with it).

I've seen the dietician twice and she's told me that I'm doing all the right things and, if anything, I'm not eating enough carbs. She's said to make sure I have a snack before bed but mentioned that sometimes eating right isn't enough. I'm not really certain I want to start taking medication though. I know tablets aren't like the insulin injections I had to take when I had gestational diabetes, but still, medication feels like a slippery slope to me.

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