19 February, 2007

Gung hay fat choy!

J's work social club organised dinner out for Chinese New Year last night. So we went to a very nice dinner and saw a lion dance and kung fu demonstration.

The menu was quite nice, ranging from prawn dumplings, pork dumplings, sizzling black pepper prawns to Kong Po Chicken and Wu Xi Pork Ribs. The ribs were delicious - so tender.

We were up the back of the restaurant so couldn't see as well. This was probably a bit of a blessing though, since the drumming was very very loud. The lion dancers came around the restaurant though (to collect the red packets of money), so we were able to get a few better pictures.

The performers were very good. I was quite impressed, though I will admit I've never seen the lion dance before. I loved the way the lion fluttered its eyelashes!

There were two lion dancers and I was surprised that the back half did so well. The restaurant was crowded and there wasn't much room to move between tables. The guy in front could see a bit out of the head part of the costume but the guy in back had to follow - at the right pace - bent over and had to wiggle the tail of the costume!

Apparently the social club organises a similar outing every year. They're talking about doing a Vietnamese style new year next time.

Earlier today I went for a checkup on my eyes. After my LASIK surgery (in November 2005) I've been pronounced to have 20/20 vision in my right and just a shade less in my left (but she said it's so close you may as well call it 20/20). Everything looks good and she can't see any diabetic complications, which will please my doc. I really really hate that puff of air into the eyes though. How the heck are you supposed to keep your eyes open for that?

I had to suppress a fit of giggles at one stage though. The eye doc really concentrated on my left eye, since it has traditionally been the one with the 'history', as she called it. All I could think was "omg, one of my eyes has a past!"

Then this afternoon, I went and saw Music and Lyrics. I really liked it. A good light-hearted chickflick. According to the credits Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore performed the songs they sang (to be fair Drew only sang once-ish) and they didn't do too bad a job! The movie certainly gave me quite a few laughs (and it gave two ladies down the front many many hyena laughs...)


Holly & Scolly said...

I've been thinking about seeing Music & Lyrics, thanks for the feedback, think I might just go check it out ... (ha ha ha, verification "hymwax" - I doubt it!!!)

Charm School Reject said...

That sounds like a lot of fun but I HATE chinese food so I guess that wouldn't work out so well for me!

I really want to see that but I'm not sure its worth the $10.50 it would take to see it. There are too many other movies I want to see first....but I love Drew and Hugh, even better together!! Ugh! But I know I can only get one chick flick out of the husband so I'm gonna go with Catch and Release.

The Phosgene Kid said...

What a great way to bring in the New Year - sounds like a great time. I have to work on getting some Lion Dancers next yea.r

Great news about your eyes - I am afraid to try the lasic surgery, just not sure about someone blasting away at my eyes. My vision is so poor and has been for so long I suspect I woudln't be a very good candidate any way.

Steve said...

It's funny how we only seem to call it Chinese new year in the west. Those countries that celebrate it refer to it as the lunar new year. Donna got corrected a few times by our guide while we were in Vietnam.

Crashdummie said...

Seems like you guyz had fun celebrating Chinese new year.

Haven't seen the movie yet, sounds like a feel-good movie?


meggie said...

I adore Chinese food! And love those clever Lion Dancers.

Dont like Hyenas at the Movies though!

Stomper Girl said...

Hugh Grant fan here, and reviews suggest movie kinda weak but Hugh is dependably good in the role, so after your review I might have to check it out!

The Accidental Bitch said...

Oh my goodness that food sounds yummy. I could barely pay attention to anything after that...

That is kind of a weird thought to have about your eye. But sounds like something I would think too.

muser said...

I had Lasik back in 1998 or 1999. ALso pronounced 20/20 post-op and it's been marvellous since.
In May this year I went for an eye check as I felt I'd been doing a bit of squinting at the telly. Looked through the contraption and felt a bit silly when I could see everything clear as day. The optometrist suggested it's from not exercising my eyes enough away from the computer through the day. She also claims that previously long-sighted people are paranoid!

Tasha said...

Oh My! That sounds like fun! Now I REALLY want Chinese food tonight!

caramaena said...

h&s - Did you see it yet? What did you think?

charm school - What was Catch and Release like? I don't think I've seen that one advertised so I'm not sure its out here yet.

phos - I was told years ago that I wasn't a candidate since my vision was so poor, but apparently they're better at it these days, so now I am. You do have to have a stable prescription for 3 years to be eligible, they said.

steve - yeah, you're right. I should call it lunar new year.

crashdummie - yes, lighthearted, feel good type movie. On my days off I like seeing stuff like that to relax with. By the end of the week lately, I'm too tired to think too hard!

meggie - I'll totally agree there. They were very loud! They'd probably blend in, in a crowded cinema but it was just me and those two. I like going to the movies on my days off so it's usually quiet.

stomper - I would say it's a typical Hugh movie. If the credits were correct, his singing voice isn't too bad either.

tab - the food was delish. I'm thinking J and I will have to go back again sometime.

muser - I'm loving it! I was very short-sighted beforehand but I'm told I might start getting naturally long-sighted as I get older. That will be something different for me to get used to.

tasha - it was fun. Next year, the social club is talking about doing a Vietnamese style dinner. I'm planning on going if I can.

h&b said...

I saw Music & Lyrics too ! :)

Was singing that awful "Pop" song for days afterward ;)) Such an 80's videoclip .. terrible, terrible, terrible .. oh how I laughed :)