06 February, 2007

Is there some rule??

I've just flicked the telly over (after another excellent episode of NCIS) to some Dancesport show. Can someone tell me if there is some rule that says the competitors have to be a violent shade of orange with fluorescent white teeth (of which the competitor must show as much as possible) - or is the colour on my tv off?


Scouser said...

The colour on your TV must be off.

The rule says the competitors have to be a violent shade of scarlett with fluorescent white teeth :D

Here via Michele's today.

caramaena said...

lol scouser, you're a riot.

Oh and I think the second rule is that you have to wear the ugliest but shiniest, glitteriest outfits ever.

Can you tell there's nothing else on tv tonight?

Charm School Reject said...

How did I miss NCIS? Is Aussie's tv schedule different than US? I thought NCIS was Tuesdays. I'm gonna be super mad if I missed it. I somehow manage to screw up my tv schedule.

Jon said...

What's a Dancesport? And where can I get it?

caramaena said...

charm school - NCIS is Tuesdays, but we're ahead of you in timezones. It used to be 9.30pm Wednesdays last year and I wish it still was. 8.30 is too early for my liking.

jon - http://www.dancesport.org.au/

velcro said...

They do Caramaena, and the judges have little colour charts to make sure that they are exactly the right hue.

caramaena said...

lol velcro :)

It was quite odd to see one guy that looked a normal colour (well, actually he looked pale as a ghost next to the other competitors, but I'll bet in real life he's quite tanned).