09 February, 2007

A load off my mind

I spoke to y yesterday (see this post for context) . We caught up and let the kids have a play together.

Y and I chatted a bit and one stage, I said to y that I was planning on staying friends with both of them, so would not be passing information back and forth between them. I said that anything said to me by either x or y would remain in confidence.

Y said that they both figured that would be the case (they were chatting about friends when they were talking about custody/property division, this week). Apparently they both think of me as someone who would be scrupulously fair and they thought of me as someone with integrity. Y said they both knew I wouldn't take sides.

Definitely a relief for me - and a compliment. /blush

I hope it stays that way. This is all early days and none of this can be easy for them.


carmelo said...

See, everything's working itself out :-) Hope everything's going well anyway, with your scorching sun....*looks outside to the 3 inches of snow on the ground*

caramaena said...

Hi carmelo :)

I heard about your snow on our news - bit different to our summer sun. Though the last few days haven't been scorching - just a nice warm temperature. Actually pretty unusual for February!

velcro said...

lucky you carmelo, the snow's all gone here in SW London.
Caramaeno - MrV and I are in the same place as you - some good friends of ours have split up and we would like to keep them both as friends. Fortunately I am closer to her, and MrV gets on better with him, so we shall see how it goes. Good luck with yours.

h&b said...

X&Y hey ? ;)

Do Coldplay have a song for this kind of occasion ? ;)

Dogbait said...

Completely off the subject but I thought this video clip might be close to your heart.

Tasha said...

I haven't seen you by in awhile. Hope you are having a good weekend!

caramaena said...

velcro - Good luck with yours too.

h&b - heh, probably!

db - I haven't seen that in years! Thanks for sharing the link. It's very close to the truth, believe it or not ;)

tasha - I had a very nice weekend, thanks :) Hope yours was fun too.

Charm School Reject said...

Ugh! Hopefully it remains that way with you all! I'm a little bitter on this subject though!

PS: Its a "scorching" 28F here in Chicago!! Its a great relief from the -13 of last week though!