01 February, 2007

One less worry at least

Chickie will probably start some sort of formal school this year. If we want, we can send him to school at the start of third term. He'll then do two terms this year and then the (same) full year next year as well (the school tells me he'll need to do a minimum of three terms of the first year of school). Alternatively we can just have him start school at the beginning of 2008.

I'm thinking the extra two terms might be useful for him. He's always been a 'slow to warm' kid and because J and I work full time, we aren't able to send him to a formal kindy/pre-school (usually a couple of hours, mornings or afternoons that 4 year olds go to). Though the childcare centre he goes to is a kindy as well, it's really a different setting to a school/classroom.

I'm in two minds about whether to send him this year or next. I'm leaning towards this year because I think he's just about ready, plus he's the youngest in a 'group' of kids about the same age at his childcare. The centre has three rooms and each time he was moved up early to the next room. All because he ended up being the oldest in the room and a bit bored, since the next oldest kid just wasn't at quite the same level. Unless they get some new kids this year, that are a bit younger than him, I think he'll be a bit bored again once the kids start moving off to school (two of his closest friends have already gone to school).

On the other hand, if he goes in third term, he'll be joining kids that have already formed friendships and are used to the routine etc. How hard will it be to join an established group of kids? I don't know if there will be any other kids starting then (possibly but I'm not certain).

Then there's the fact that most of those kids will then move off to the second year of school and he'll stay where he is to do the full first year. Perhaps it would be best to just start him with the group he'll most likely stay with? Either way, he'll end up in the older range of his year, but I think that might be an advantage when he's in high school.

The one less worry though? I doubt he'll have any problems making new friends.

Chickie and I, as well as a friend and her little girl (the same age as Chickie) went to one of those indoor play places today. He really needed a good run-around/work-out but it's way too hot outside, so these places are good. Anyway, after school let out, a boy in a school uniform, but obviously not much older than Chickie, came in with his little brother. It took about two seconds flat for he and Chickie to become friends. They were all having the best time and pretty much wore themselves out. Chickie looks as if he can barely keep his eyes open. I'd put him to bed now except dinner is almost ready and he really really needs a bath after all that running!


Dogbait said...

You don't get that choice in Vic. TP said it must be hard on the teachers picking up new kids through the year.

velcro said...

we're going through the whole trying to work out what to do with schooling/nursery thing too. It is very stressful and if it wasn't for my inability to remain unstressed for more than 20 mins at a time I would homeschool the FB like a shot.

Holly & Scolly said...

My sister is a teacher and she says she has never heard a parent say that they regret holding their child back and starting them a little later, but she has often heard those who started them early, say that they wish they had held them back. Helpful? Not sure but we'll be in the same boat in a couple of years!

Stomper Girl said...

Kids are at school a LONG time! Once he's there, that's it. My advice is to give him this precious beautiful playtime now, especially if the daycare/kindy situation is fine. The year before school is really a lovely one, they are expanding in sweet unpredictable ways. Once they hit school, it just gets that bit more regimented. It will do him no harm to have some extra months flying free. And as you say it may be less stressful for him to make friends with kids who will be there for him all year.

But only if it feels right for you, this is just my opinion :-)

grant said...

I love the simplicity of kids.
Everything is new and wonderous.
Some of us adults could learn a thing or two about forming friendships.
Have you asked Chickie?

Oooh, Michele sent me

chase said...

Too bad I cant relate on this post since I am not yet a parent but wishing to be one. Anyway, hope you have a nice weekend!

Charm School Reject said...

I agree with the others that you should wait. He'll only be a "baby" for so long. Once he starts school, he's not "yours" anymore.

I'm dreading the end of August which is when my Little Dude starts Kindergarten.

The Phosgene Kid said...

He'll do fine. My wife is a pre-school teacher and has shown me statistics that show children who attend a pre-school do better throughout their academic career,are more likely to finish high school, and tend to be god citizens as adults. The social interaction is paramount. I have run across people that seem as though they were raised in a closet - the product of poor socialization.

caramaena said...

db - I'd imagine it would be. I'm also concerned about Chickie starting with an established group.

velcro - I'd be lousy at homeschooling, I'm sure. It's hard to know what's best when you're making decisions like this, isn't it?

h&s and stomper - I wonder if it might be better to hold back until next year. Let him start with the group he'll probably finish with. I just hope that the childcare won't be too boring for him - I don't know that he's ready yet, but he's really not too far from it.

charm school - he's not a baby anymore (heaven forbid you call him your baby in his hearing!!) hehe, he's a big boy, don'tcha know ;)

phos - this is one of the reasons that I'm leaning towards the two terms this year as well as the full next year. While his childcare centre follows the 'curriculum' for kindy, the form is different because they're also a childcare centre. I was sort of thinking the two terms this year, would get him used to being in a classroom setting and all the other things that he'd get in a formal kindy. If I wasn't working full time, I'd send him to a proper kindy this year and then to 'big school' next.

decisions decisions!!

grant - thanks for visiting. I haven't really asked Chickie directly, but he loves driving past the school we've chosen, so he can see it. Though he doesn't seem excited, as such, he talks about when he'll go to big school. For some reason he seems more excited about going to high school (though we've told him that won't happen for a long time)!

caramaena said...

chase - thanks for the good wishes - hopefully tomorrow will be better than today!