12 February, 2007

What the...?

Today is one of my normal rostered days off and a friend had asked me to pick up from kindy and look after her little girl for a few hours. She has to work extra today and doesn't have any childcare. Since I didn't know where the kindy was located, we took a drive yesterday to find it (a good idea, as it turned out my friend left out a few streets in her directions).

On the corner of the street where the kindy is, there is a house with lots of signs up. They're on the fence and in a tree that hangs over the fence. The gate is quite high and locked with really thick chains and huge padlocks, there are bits of tarp and bricks on the roof (presumably covering holes in the roof), pockmarks and holes in the wooden bit of the front verandah near the roof and what looked like a cobweb of ropes between two metal poles (for the verandah).

The signs were basically saying that the owner wasn't under any obligation by law to speak to anyone who came to his property unsolicited and wouldn't be opening the gate for them. Other signs said that some person (with her name and place of work) was harassing and terrorising him. The house sure looked like it's had lots of stuff lobbed at it.

Today, when picking up my friend's daughter, there was a man (presumably the owner of the property) sitting on something so he could see over the gate and waving to all the kids as they left. He had long curly hair and wore a scarf on his head so he looked just like a pirate. He looked a bit creepy, to be honest.

All very odd and makes you wonder what's going on.


velcro said...

very odd. was he waving in a friendly way or a sinister way?

meggie said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I had to laugh out loud at the recorder story! I was forced to 'learn' the recorder- it has scarred me for life!

How odd about that man- he sounds very creepy?

Kerri. said...

Hey there - your comments keep getting eaten on my site by my junk filter. Would you mind going in and leaving one so I can make sure you are on the APPROVED list? It's making me crazy because I know you're out there but my stupid blog thinks you're spamming me!

caramaena said...

velcro - he probably meant it to be friendly but after reading what it said on those signs and seeing the house, it looked creepy to me.

meggie - we had to learn it too - 5th class I think it was. I (very quickly) showed I had no talent for it so I don't recall it going past the beginner stages.

kerri - I left another comment, hopefully your spam filter will let me through this time. Perhaps you should set it on to this bug you've picked up. heheh :)

Dogbait said...

I think I'd pass on his meter!

caramaena said...

db - if I were in your shoes, I would too! Not that you'd probably be able to get in. That was one locked up property.