06 February, 2007

"I'm leaving on a jet plane..."

Next line goes "don't know when I'll be back again", but that's not right - coz I do!

I've booked our plane tickets for our trip to the Gold Coast in March. Now, I'm looking at accommodation. Anyone got any recommendations for nice places to stay in the Surfers Paradise area?

I'm thinking of an apartment rather than hotel, since my Mum and Dad are probably going to meet us up there. Would also be easier to have a bit more space and a kitchen as well. Looks like there are some nice places in the Surfers Paradise area. Hard to decide between them really.

It's cheapy Tuesday at the movies again. Last week I saw Epic Movie - silly but good for a giggle. Today I saw Stranger than Fiction. I really liked it. The previews do show some of the best bits from the movie (like the bit where the narrator says he's going to die and Will Ferrell's character says 'What? Why?"), but it's a nice movie. I thought Emma Thompson did an excellent job. She had the 'tortured writer' bit down pat.

So what movies have you seen lately?


Holly & Scolly said...

We've got our eye on a place on the Gold Coast for our next holiday - never been there but it looks like it could be good - check it out at www.paradiseresort.com.au

Haven't been to the movies in a long while! Our next "mummy and daddy only date" is going to be to the movies though - looking forward to that one!

caramaena said...

I'll have to check it out h&s - thanks.

And what movie will you choose for your date? I have to admit J and I don't go to the movies together all that often. We tend to take turns and go on our own or all three of us go together to see kids movies.

Charm School Reject said...

Well, I don't recommend Happily N'Ever After! It was so boring, Little Dude wanted to leave.

I didn't really like Pursuit of Happyness either. Too long and drawn out for the theater.

Figures, the first movies I see at the theater since Chicken Litte were stupid!!

Steve said...

The last time I stayed down the coast was at Couran Cove. It's a really nice place, bit it wouldn't suit you as it's on South Stradbroke Island.

As far as movies go I've just recently seen Open Season and The Guardian, both of which I enjoyed. It would have been nice to see them somewhere other than the back of an airline seat though.

caramaena said...

charm school - I wasn't sure of the Pursuit of Happyness - sounds like waiting for the dvd might be a good idea.

steve - haven't seen either of those movies yet. Guess I'll wait for the dvd's there too.

South Stradbroke does sound nice but not really where we're headed.