05 February, 2007

heh, I'm an idiot

I've had a vague feeling for the past week that I was supposed to have an appointment with the eye doc that did my lasik surgery. I thought I was supposed to have it this week or so. I hunted around in my wallet and found an appointment card - for the 1st of February! I felt so dumb for forgetting it and berating myself for not putting it in my diary.

So, I just called them - and that card was for last year! I am an idiot (picture me laughing and shaking my head at myself here).

I made an appointment anyway, since I'm due for another checkup.

My foot is feeling heaps better. I'm still limping a little but at least I can put most of my weight on it now. I'll probably stay home and do very little today to give it a bit more time to fix itself. Not that I really want to go anywhere in this heat. A cool change is on the way though (thank goodness!).

Oh and blogger has forced me to change to the new version now. So if you pick up any problems, let me know. I can't see anything wrong at the moment, but I haven't had a good look through everything. Only thing I can see is that they've forced me to add the nav bar at the top of my test blog Visual Parallax. It blends in ok, but I think I like it better without it.

I quite like the template over there, I'm half considering using it here. I'm feeling like I'd like a change of template, you see. The other template I've been considering is one of these at Moodswing Creations. I just can't decide which one of those though.

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