16 February, 2007

A public service announcement...

Do not - I repeat - do not drink and fish.

I can't believe this story of a guy that wrestled a shark onto a jetty! One quote I saw was this:
'well, it's amazing what vodka does'.
Uh yeah...

Well, onto more rational people - Chickie's surprising me with his burgeoning independence lately. His grandmother looks after him two days a week and he told me, the other day, that he wanted to live at nanny's place. I asked him if he'd miss me and his answer was no - apparently he'll visit me a lot.

Then today, when I picked him up from childcare, he asked me to go get his pyjamas. Chickie told me he was going to go sleepover at his friend L's place! These two so cute - almost every time I pick Chickie up, he and L have come up with a new idea to spend time together. Last week they wanted to catch the bus home together. Don't know what bus, since the friend's mother picks him up in the afternoons!

My little boy is growing up.


Charm School Reject said...

Ugh! Doesn't it just make you wanna cry everytime they put another notch on their belt of independance?

meggie said...

O they grow up & away, all too quickly!
But they still remain your baby in your heart!