28 July, 2006

Tough girl!

I saw a dietician today. She says I'm doing the right things - in fact she thinks I might be too tough on myself. What she had to say did seem to feel right.

I've been testing my blood glucose levels after eating various foods to see how they affect me. A lot of the levels just don't make any sense. I could eat the same thing (ie: cook one meal then halve it) one day and have a reasonable blood glucose level after 2 hours. Yet the rest of the meal the next day would send my levels to the quite high mark. Some days my levels don't always seem to have a lot of relation to what I eat. It was like that when I had gestational diabetes too (and I ended up on insulin injections fairly quickly then).

She said that if I had random highs even when eating properly, then I may need to speak to my doctor about medication. *sigh* I really don't want that though. I feel like it's admitting defeat.

I have this sinking feeling it might happen sooner rather than later though. My morning (fasting) bgl's are way higher than they should be, then they seem to go fairly low (for me low is around the 5 mmol/ml mark) before lunch. I spend a lot of mornings feeling like crap.

She thinks my levels may actually be going too low overnight, the liver then pushes out glucose to (possibly over) compensate, which then pushes up my fasting bgl's. Then when my body finally gets around to processing that glucose, it's going low enough to make me feel awful.

For now she wants to make sure I have a snack before bedtime to see if that helps keep my levels steadier overnight. Then if my body isn't pushing out too much glucose, there isn't as much insulin required to process it, so I won't go so low before lunch. I'm hope it works - I hate the feeling of low bgl's.


Izzy said...

It must be difficult constantly monitoring yourself and the way that you eat...just to make sure that you stay healthy.

I guess if I really had to, I probably would myself...

Hopefully all this monitoring will help simplify the day to day eating so you don't have to consantly worry about food.... It's like being on a terrible diet.

caramaena said...

It's definitely annoying and at times confusing to have to think that hard about what and when I eat (not to mention the multiple finger pricks to monitor my bgls) - but for all my whining about it, I must admit I don't have it as hard as some.

I read about people with type 1 who have to calculate what they're eating and then inject insulin to compensate and thank the heavens I don't have to worry about that.

Still for someone who hates the taste of artificial sweeteners (blech!), diabetes is a real downer!