08 July, 2006

Happy and sad at the same time.

I'm happy but a little bit sad at the same time.

I'm happy because a very good friend at work has found a new job. It's something in the industry he's been studying at uni and it's a very good offer salary wise. He's been looking around for a while and this one seems perfect for him.

I'm sad because I'll miss him and our good times. He's an absolute riot to work with. He's kept me sane throughout the not-so-fun times at work. He's the sort of guy that would do anything to help you.

I know we'll keep in touch but I'm still a bit sad about it. There's quite a few people I used to work with that I would have liked to keep in closer touch with. There was a big group of us that got on so well. We email each other a lot - trying to outdo each other with funny links, videos jokes etc but I haven't actually seen them in months. I might email them and see if we can organise a get together soon. Moving around the country so much in the past has meant I've lost touch with a lot of good friends - I really need to make more of an effort!

Workwise, I wrote in this post, a while back, that if I stay where I am until December I'm eligible to have my long service leave paid out if I leave. I double checked what effect my parental leave would have and, unfortunately, it turns out I'm not actually eligible until mid October 2007 :(

So now I don't know what to do. Do I stay the year and a bit, so I'm eligible? It's currently worth 7 weeks of leave right now so who knows by the time I get to October next year. I really don't like the line faults part of the current job role (in place until November). We've been told that it probably won't be extended further but I don't know (previous experience tells me it quite possibly will be). I'm told there may be another role coming up, that I would be interested in, but there's no guarantees it will be offered to our centre. If that happens it will take place in the next 3 months. Ugh, I don't know what to do - I feel so indecisive!

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