11 July, 2006

It started with a paper clip??

Now this guy is a savvy trader.

Apparently some guy in Canada has done a series of trades online, starting with a paperclip and trading up to a house! Heh, I'm sure I have lots of paperclips lying around - anyone got a house they want to trade it for???

The news story says it took him 14 trades, which is pretty quick if you ask me. He says says he basically wanted to do an online version of a game called bigger and better (I've never actually heard of the game before though).

The story mentions he has a blog as well - anyone know what the link might be? I wouldn't mind reading it.


Daisy Girl said...

Oh, you are soooo lucky. I heard that on the radio about a month ago and always meant to check it out, and forgot, but for some random reason the web address stuck in my head (blame my mom for my almost perfect memory). http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/

caramaena said...

Thanks for the link! I'll go check it out.