15 July, 2006

Kiddy rides

Chickie loves playing on the kiddy rides you see in shopping centres, but he's never wanted to have a ride on them. Wouldn't have anything to do with them if they were moving, and I'll be honest - that hasn't bothered me one iota!

Well, we went to a centre yesterday that had a thomas the tank engine one, he asked for a ride and actually sat there the whole time. When it finished he ran over, threw his arms around me and triumphantly announced "I'm not afraid anymore mum!". Heh, it was cute.

Of course, then he wanted to have a ride on all the ones we saw... he was content to just play on them though.

One I saw was of Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter. It looked like a jeep or something with Steve and a croc in the back. It tried to show Steve with a surprised look on his face (presumably to go with his catchphrase 'Crikey') but honestly it looked just like the blowup rubber sex dolls with their open mouths.

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