18 July, 2006


Yawn... I'm sleepy tonight.

I was up most of last night with Chickie crying hard - with what's probably a growing pains type of thing. Doctor says he's fine (and he was back to normal today).

I know experts say there's no such thing as growing pains, but whatever it was fits the 'traditional' description. Poor kid was so tired today, hopefully he'll get a good sleep tonight (and not get up too early - usual time is anywhere between 5.45-6.45am).

Speaking of pain - my left knee is still bothering me (though it's heaps better). I had x-rays of both my knees today, so hopefully we can figure out what's going on.

Looking at the payment slip for the x-rays gave me a pause. The radiologist I saw apparently charges less for the right knee than the left. Both have the same item number and description etc. Perhaps a discount for having both done at the same time? What's next then - a two for one offer? Group discounts?? ('Come on down! And bring the whole footy team to get an amaaazing saaaaaving!') heh.

On a sadder note, another tsunami has hit Indonesia. Not as deadly as the one a few years back, but still giving waves between 3 - 5 metres (depending on which news report you read). I'm sure the death toll will rise a bit over the next few days. I've no idea if it's hit areas that were hit during the big one, I hope not.

Hmmm... better get off to bed I guess. Before I doze off on the keyboard ;)

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