23 July, 2006


I've been told it takes about six weeks of doing something consistently to make it a habit.

Not sure I believe that. I was told I was diabetic in the latter months of 2005 and part of the management plan is regular exercise - 30 mins a day. Regular exercise helps keep your blood glucose levels steady apparently.

So why is it that I'm sitting here blogging about exercise and not actually out there on the bike working off some calories? I've been exercising for months now and it most definitely isn't a habit. I really have to force myself to do it.

I was never a sporty kid. The most exercise I got as a teen was bush archery (no, not with real animals or anything - just cardboard targets around a great big hill). P.E. and sports carnivals were 'exercises' in getting out of stuff. At every athletics carnival my friends and I would volunteer to help out with the discus event. It was always the furthest from the main action and you couldn't always hear the announcements for your events.

The most disappointing thing? I've found that exercise is really the only way I lose weight. I was at my lowest weight when I lived in a flat on top of a hill and didn't have a car. I had to do the groceries in bits - as much as I was able to carry in my backpack (up the hill).

Oh well, better go do my half an hour for the day. At least I'm seeing results - I've lost about 12 kilos since September 2005 and it's noticeable. Lots of people have commented and I've bought jeans two sizes smaller.

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